Beatitude Author Blog Tour 2012: An Appreciation

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Authors need friends and supporters to help get the word out about their books, especially authors whose books are published by independent presses, like me. I could never have imagined when I sent Lori Hettler a galley of Beatitude what would happen next. Lori is the super-human force behind The Next Best Book Club & Blog and she is super-supportive of indie authors. Beatitude struck a chord. “An exceptionally well-written debut that explores love in all its varied forms, dissecting what it is to love,” she wrote in her review.


But that was just the beginning. I emailed Lori to thank her for her passionate words. She wrote back. I wrote back. And a few weeks later I discovered just how passionate Lori really was. In the space of a few days, she organized the Beatitude Author Blog Tour, a seven-day celebration of author and book across seven very cool sites and blogs. “Beatitude is one of those books that everyone should be reading,” she wrote in her introduction to the tour, “and I’m on a mission to make that happen.”


Lori’s mission included lining up and locking in six amazing bloggers dedicated to the world of books: Emmet (…I can stay), Mandy (Mandythebookworm’s Blog), Patrick (The Literate Man), Jenn (The Picky Girl), Erica (BookedinChico) and Tara (BookSexyReview). She created a schedule, brainstormed ideas for guest posts, distributed the tour banner, book cover and author photo and attended to a myriad other details behind the scenes to make sure the tour went off without a hitch.


And it did. I want to thank everyone who devoted time, energy and space to a wild and wonderful week:


Emmet: For understanding the heart as well as the Beats

Mandy: For knowing the significance of the road less traveled by

Patrick: For inspiring a refreshingly literate look at friendship and love

Jenn: For providing the perfect photo op—x 10

Erica: For loving New York as much as I do

Tara: For asking all the right questions


Finally, a huge and heartfelt thanks to Lori, for simply caring so much—about my book and every other book that might fall under the radar were it not for her extraordinary enthusiasm. Every author should be so lucky to have Lori in his or her corner.


Beatitude Blog Tour at a Glance

The Next Best Book Blog: On “Being Indie,” by Larry Closs

…I can stay: A review by Emmet O’Cuana

Mandythebookworm’s Blog: How the Beats did and didn’t inspire Beatitude, by Larry Closs

The Literate Man: TLM interviews Larry Closs about literature, relationships and the Beats

The Picky Girl: An Instagram photo tour of New York City scenes from Beatitude, by Larry Closs

BookedinChico: The bright lights and big city of Beatitude, by Larry Closs

BookSexyReview: BSR interviews Larry Closs about the dark side of the Beats, the most natural painkiller and who makes a book gay: the writer or the reader

The Next Best Book Blog: Beatitude Author Blog Tour wrap-up




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