Harry Charity, Literary Crush

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Larry Closs_Beatitude_Harry Charity_Literary Crush_Anthony R Cardno

Have you ever fallen for a fictional character? Author Anthony R. Cardno has, and in an article titled “My Literary Crushes,” he reveals that Beatitude’s narrator, Harry Charity, is one of his latest fixations:


Harry is completely, totally, in every way, shape and form, average. And yet I still finished the book having the hugest crush on him and wishing I could do something to make him feel better. (That’s a tribute to Closs’ writing, by the way.) There are always those one or two guys we crush on who don’t fit our “usual pattern.” This Harry isn’t a redhead, isn’t overly athletic, isn’t a bad boy or boyish, he doesn’t star in a series of books or plays. But he is openly and contentedly gay (with a penchant for being attracted to the wrong guys)… he’s the exception that proves the rule, so to speak.


You can read Cardno’s complete Top 10 list of literary crushes here. Who’s yours? Respond in the comments.


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