Beatitude: “I loved, loved, loved it!”

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Larry Closs_Beatitude_World of Diversity FictionBeatitude has just received another 5-star review—by Monika Vig on the World of Diversity Fiction site—and I have to say that to receive a review, let alone a 5-star review, more than a year after Beatitude’s publication, is truly inspiring and gratifying. Here’s an excerpt:


“I loved, loved, loved it! Beatitude has some sad moments that brought me to tears but it also had some very touching moments that made me smile. It’s definitely bittersweet, at the same time it’s a heartwarming story of what real friendship and love can be. Larry Closs has written a wonderful story that is multi-layered but he effortlessly interweaves those layers into something that is special… I found myself never wanting this story to end.”


You can read the full review here.


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  1. Monika

    Thank you Larry this was a really nice surprise. Sean, Lynn and I appreciate it very much.

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