Beatitude the Movie: A Book Club Dream Cast

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Larry Closs_Beatitude_Channing Tatum_Gage Skidmore

Jay: Channing Tatum

Larry Closs_Beatitude_Zachary Quinto_Eva Rinaldi

Harry: Zachary Quinto

Larry Closs_Beatitude_Freida Pinto_Nick Step

Zahra: Freida Pinto

Larry Closs_Beatitude_Gael Garcia Bernal_Che

Matteo: Gael Garcia Bernal

Who should star in Beatitude on the the big screen? I asked a group of readers with very heartfelt views—the seven members of the Staten Island book club I visited on Friday evening. Their suggestions were intriguing: Zachary Quinto as Harry, Channing Tatum as Jay, Freida Pinto as Zahra and Gael Garcia Bernal as Matteo. I look forward to the announcement in Variety.


Movie casting was just one of a multitude of topics covered in our three-and-a-half-hour marathon conversation during which I learned a lot about Beatitude that I never knew.


I learned that Zahra is likely black (“brown, at least”). I learned that the best quality of Matteo, narrator Harry’s damaged and volatile crush, can be summed up in two words: “He’s hot!” I learned that the sexual preferences of my four protagonists might be more fluid than I imagined. I learned that the theme of wanting a relationship to be something it can’t is truly universal, whatever the genders involved. I learned that the book’s title is just as likely to be pronounced “Beat-i-tude” as “Be-at-i-tude” (“because of the Beat Generation connection”). Most of all, I learned that no matter what my intentions were, Beatitude becomes something else entirely when filtered through a reader’s experience. And that, to me, is one of the most rewarding things about writing a novel.


Thanks to Aisha, Alicia, Alexis, Melissa, Natasha, Yasmin and, of course, Chulo, for a thoroughly thoughtful and enjoyable evening. And a special thanks to the lovely Meg Ventrudo, Executive Director of the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art, for not only choosing Beatitude as a book club selection but for hosting our lively discussion and fueling it with wonderful dinner, dessert and wine.


Till next time.


Note: If you have a book club and you’d like me to join you, either in person on on Skype, contact me.


Photo Credits

Zachary Quinto: Eva Rinaldi, Creative Commons
Channing Tatum: Gage Skidmore, Creative Commons
Freida Pinto: Nick Step, Creative Commons
Gael Garcia Bernal: Che, Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Larry, I'll have to share this with Chulo! Seriously, you were the reason behind one of our best book club discussions ever!

    • Larry Closs

      Alicia, the feeling is mutual! I had a blast and it wasn't till in the car that I realized we'd talked about Beatitude for three and a half hours! Time flies when you're…!

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