The Wonderful, Wacky World of Bill Plympton

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Larry Closs_Beatitude_Bill Plympton

Among those I admire most are artists who manage the increasingly difficult balancing act of staying true to themselves while making a living from what they do. One such artist is legendary animator Bill Plympton. Even if you don’t know his name, you know his work: an instantly identifiable blend of quivering characters and a sense of humor best described as offbeat, sublime and, to use one of his favorite words, wacky.


Larry Closs_Beatitude_Bill PlymptonMany are familiar with Plympton through his shorts for MTV and Spike & Mike’s Festival of Animation. He’s also been nominated for two Oscars, won a Prix du Jury at Cannes, created music videos for Kanye West and Weird Al Yankovic and produced seven animated features and three live-action films.


Plympton hand-draws every frame, including all 40,000 for his new feature, Cheatin’, which was among the topics he was happy to discuss in my interview with him that was just published in Animation Magazine. In conversation at his Chelsea studio, Plympton was gracious, thoughtful, refreshingly straight forward—and funny.


Follow the link to read more about his adventures at Slamdance and the Oscars, his couch gags for The Simpsons, the difference between working with Kanye and Weird Al, why he turned down a million-dollar offer from Disney, an upcoming TV series about a very fashionable whale and an upcoming mockumentary about a very unfashionable Fuhrer.


Interview: An Animated Conversation with Bill Plympton



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