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The Wonderful, Wacky World of Bill Plympton

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Among those I admire most are artists who manage the increasingly difficult balancing act of staying true to themselves while making a living from what they do. One such artist is legendary animator Bill Plympton. Even if you don’t know his name, you know his work: an instantly identifiable blend of

Beatitude, the Beats and the Truth

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Jack Kerouac New York City-based journalist and critical theorist Edward Truth penned a beautifully perceptive piece titled “Bringing Back the Beats with ‘Beatitude’” for Lambda Literary, in which he proposes that Beatitude not only cuts to the heart of the Beat Generation’s ongoing popularity but carves out its own unique sensibility:   “Stylish, descriptive and [...]

The Rambling On Interview

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Author, literary blogger and book reviewer Anthony Cardno of Rambling On recently chatted with me at length about Beatitude—my upcoming first reading on Jack Kerouac’s birthday (March 12), the influence of Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and the Beat Generation, how two previously unpublished poems by Ginsberg came to appear in the novel, what it’s like to [...]