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Kerouac and the Woodcutter

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One of the best things Beatitude has brought to my life is the connection with like-minded souls whom I might otherwise never have met. Most recent case in point: Loren Kantor, “a passionate, curious Woodcutter/Writer living in Hollywood with a love for movies, music and old Los Angeles.” Kantor discovered Beatitude through my author site and emailed to tell me about his most recent project: a woodcut of Jack Kerouac.

Beatitude, the Beats and the Truth

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Jack Kerouac New York City-based journalist and critical theorist Edward Truth penned a beautifully perceptive piece titled “Bringing Back the Beats with ‘Beatitude’” for Lambda Literary, in which he proposes that Beatitude not only cuts to the heart of the Beat Generation’s ongoing popularity but carves out its own unique sensibility:   “Stylish, descriptive and [...]

When Death Stalked the Beats

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A New York Times article by true crime author and journalist David J. Krajicek recounts the “violent death” that caught Beat Generation writers Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs in its gravitational pull 10 years prior to their debut on the literary scene.   In 1944, 19-year-old Lucien Carr, who had introduced Kerouac, [...]