“An Excellent Choice”

For the 10th anniversary edition of Beatitude, a new—and “excellent”—review from the Independent Book Review: “Beatitude is a story that expertly straddles the line between fiction and nonfiction and carries the same genes and underpinnings as a Kerouac novel. For those who want a heartfelt, human look into the complexities of friendship and love, this … Read more

Kudos from Kirkus

Publishing industry heavyweight Kirkus just gave Beatitude a very positive review, something conferred only sparingly: “Closs’ story paints an inviting picture of ’90s New York. Subway tokens are on the way out and email is on the way in. Bookstores abound, and no one stares at a cellphone on a night out. Place in this … Read more

10 Years of Beatitude

In 2012, a few months after the publication of Beatitude, I selected a date at random when I was invited to hold my debut reading at a Manhattan Barnes & Noble. Not until just before the reading did I realize the significance of the date: March 12. It was Jack Kerouac’s 90th birthday. For a … Read more